The Rot-Gold Schmetterlinge (the Red-Gold Butterflies) and Gasthaus Heinen share a long standing, mutual tradition and friendship.

Find out more about the Butterflies here. (Only in German! ;) )

German Bowling Clubs

* Ladies
   - Silberne Neun
   - 4-Jahreszeiten
* Men
   - Pudeljungen
   - Damenreiter
   - Sonntagskegler

If you like or would like to learn more about German bowling, pay us a visit, and we'll hook you up.


Not just another way of putting a little cash aside.

Several times a year, we have get-togethers with hiking, grilling, or celebrating the holidays.

It's always worth it!

DC Gäkisch

Members and friends of our dart club meet up every Monday evening for a nice round of darts and having some fun together.

Everyone is welcome! Monday evenings, 7:30pm*

*see Calender for events.